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Having an interview for a new job, especially after not doing it for a while, can be a pretty daunting experiencing. People will be observing your moves and testing how you react to the challenges that you’re proposed. Sometimes we are so nervous that we forget the essential points.

What Is a “Senior” After All?


More than skill set, it’s actually due to a lack of good documentation tools

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No matter whether you work in a small startup or a big corporate company, the odds are that when it comes to good, valuable documentation of your services or projects, there will be a huge gap and need for it.

This can impact multiple parts of an organization, from discussion…

And having a super well-designed product is not the priority.

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As software engineers, we are used to thinking of whatever we are building as our baby. It must be perfect. To match every pattern that exists on the internet. To be the most scalable thing ever seen, and not to have any flaws. …

Code smarter, not harder

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Extensions are great. They allow the community to improve a given product according to real-world needs. There are great tools to improve the developer’s productivity by decreasing repetitive tasks, highlighting what you need to see, or making useful commands more accessible.

Visual Studio Extensions

The Visual Studio Marketplace offers a vast quantity of…

It won’t be getting a vaccine or effective treatment

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Today is August 25, 2020. The summer is coming to an end. A summer like no other in about a hundred years: where we couldn’t travel as we’d like, we couldn’t go to concerts as we used to, and we couldn’t socialize as we loved to. For many people, those…

5. Programming Is a Men’s Job

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Programmers are often seen as non-human creatures that can do magic with their computers. Portraited in Hollywood movies as both the heroes and the villains, these people proceed with their life without being understood by other fellow humans.

In a world that is depending more on technology each day that…

To innovate will no longer be just releasing another website or app

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We have always looked upon Steve Jobs and Bill Gates as the most significant innovation gurus in the world. I mean, Steve Jobs’ Apple revolutionized the way we use our phones, creating the first smartphone along the way, and Microsoft established the widespread use of personal computers. …

If you are growing your exposure, brace yourself for having to deal with criticism.

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I am a relatively new writer to Medium. I never had much exposure outside of my inner circle of friends, family, and coworkers. Actually, I started writing to change that trend a little bit. To share my way of thinking and some experience regarding software development and technology in general.

What Happened?

Why didn’t Scrum work out?

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I’ve been using Scrum since the beginning of my career. This was the framework that I was taught in college as the best to manage software development. When I started working, I loved it all: daily meetings, planning, retrospectives, sprints, etc. After all, I was applying what I learned.


Sometimes, you need to give yourself some rest

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Having an application running in production means that they are affecting other people’s lives. It’s a huge responsibility that needs to be well understood before being able to handle an on-call phone.

There are usually two generic ways of knowing if everything is ok with your applications: active monitoring —…

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Software Engineer, fascinated by the impact of technology in our everyday life. Writing about Tech and Personal Development.

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