Hello Maximiliano. Thank you for your reply!

Ok, regarding the Burndown chart, you can check that in the end of the sprint, the whole work was completed. However, it was only delivered (after review, test and approval) only at the end of it. The happy line that the burndown suggests is almost impossible to achieve. It would mean that you would deliver something in the second day. I won't say it is impossible, but doesn't seem reasonable to me.

When you talk about Scrum being better in some cases, we are on the same page. Scrum is better in some scenarios (specially when you have/need time based releases), and Kanban is better in other scenarios. As the industry is moving to a CI/CD mindset, the teams are delivering faster, making deploys as soon as features are ready. That is why I think that Scrum is losing ground to Kanban, since the latest offers more flexibility

I want to emphasize this: Scrum is better for some scenarios, and Kanban for other scenarios. Each team needs to analyze which one fits best for them

Thank you for your wishes :)

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